The Complete Detox is a DOABLE, YET EFFECTIVE, three-phase MIND-BODY program where you will Prepare, Detox and Refresh your body & mind!


  • Joint pain

  • Inflammation

  • Bloating/ Belching/ Gas

  • Food cravings

  • Tiredness / sluggishness

  • Headaches/ Migraines

  • Dark circles under your eyes

  • Insomnia

  • Difficulty losing weight

  • Mood swings

  • Anxiety

  • Brain fog

  • Hormonal issues

  • Blood sugar imbalances

  • Elevated liver enzymes

  • Chronic infections

  • Skin problems

  • Weird, unexplained symptoms that no one can identify or help you with

  • Allergies

  • Weak Hair and Nails

If your answer is yes to ANY of the above than you need The Complete Detox Program!

Why? Because toxins can do A LOT of harm to our body- Yet NO ONE is talking about it! A body overburdened with toxins can often times be the ROOT CAUSE of why these imbalances start to occur, leaving each person affected in a different way, based on their weakest link. For me, it may be migraines and digestive issues; yet for you, it may be anxiety and pain in your joints.

Whatever the symptom, we all have one thing in common. TOXIC BURDEN. Sometimes, these symptoms are what we just call, “part of life”. Or we’re quick to remedy the ailment with a medication (which, by the way, is just as effective long-term as putting a band aid on a third-degree burn. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Engaging in a The Complete Detox Program on a regular basis can start to improve your health immediately and over time, help you feel your best. The way you ARE MEANT TO FEEL.

Why Do We Even NEED to "DETOX" Anyways?!! 

There are thousands of toxic chemicals in our food supply, and every day we are being exposed to various combinations of environmental chemicals from our environment, lifestyle and food supply. As these toxins accumulate, they start to rear their ugly heads as simple, yet uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches, belly problems, fatigue and eventually, if they continue to build up in our cells, can potentially cause serious illness and disease.

In this day and age, we are also facing neurochemical changes in our brain from so much screen time, not to mention the fast-paced, “keep up with the Jones” mentality, leaving us stressed and tired at the end of the day. 

Embarking on The Complete Detox Program, is one of the best ways to restore your MIND-BODY health and maintain a balanced life!

“We have no idea how GOOD our body’s were designed to really feel.” 


  • Viveka le Roux
    YAY!!! We made it! Today is the final day of The Complete Detox. Feeling strong, energetic and lean- And very motivated to make more healthy changes moving forward. This was the perfect jump start for us! I think being gluten-free will be easier now that I have had such great help from Nicole and exposure to new ingredients. We loved the cookbook, and will continue to use it moving forward. The best part is that my husband has been converted! Prior to this program, he suffered from severe acid reflux, digestive stress and bloating. Going forward, I know he is finally motivated to make better choices, and we will be able to support each other. It was a wonderful thing to do together as a couple. I am so glad we did it. THANK YOU Nicole!!!
    Viveka le Roux
  • Marie Sutcavage Rock
    We completed our detox journey this week. With my birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary on the horizon, I wanted to FRESH start! Some of the benefits we are feeling are: No more food/sugar cravings! Better self control. Reduced joint swelling and no more joint pain. And although we’ve had minimal weight loss according to the scale, we are physically smaller as evidenced by our loose fitting clothing! One of my favorite perks of this program is my improved mental clarity.
    Marie Sutcavage Rock
  • Madalina Iordache
    Nicole’s complete detox program was one of the best things I did for my health and for my self-confidence. I was suffering with cystic acne for years in my adult years (never had issues as a teen), and I had just resigned that this was how it was going to be from now on. It took two rounds of detox, 6 months apart, and then I finally discovered that dairy was causing my cystic acne. It’s been two years now and my skin has never looked so good. I would have never found out that dairy intolerance was causing my acne if it wasn’t for Nicole’s detox. Besides that, I felt great during the detox and learned new ways to eat cleaner and recipes that are family favorites to this day!
    Madalina Iordache
  • Russell
    “I saw Nicole for her FRESH Foundation Package to look deeper into my bloodwork and identify any clinical nutrient deficiencies. One of her many suggestions was to embark on her Complete Detox Program as a way to help rejuvenate my system and get a jumpstart on the new course of lifestyle I was desiring. I really did not know what to expect but I did have a few simple goals. Cutting out poor eating choices like Fast Food and reducing Alcohol intake were probably two biggest. Nicole’s plan is super easy to follow with daily email reminders and instruction and supplements that are presorted and packaged so it’s easy. I have to say I did not expect such a positive experience. I had an immediate boost in mental clarity a week into the program, my quality of sleep improved and my desire for crappy fast food really disappeared. Having healthy choices available on hand and ideas for meals was a big help but it truly is amazing what the brain and body can do once the negative pattern is broken for a week. The only struggle I had on the program was drinking enough water as your body is expelling toxins at an accelerated rate and you need to replenish the system with plenty of water.Nicole even helped with that by suggesting some flavored water recipes and electrolyte beverage to help keep me hydrated. All in all I am super happy with the programs and highly recommend them to anyone looking for answers on how to make positive changes to improve their overall health.”
  • Kay

    My last day on detox is tomorrow and I finished this last week without really adding anything back in because I’m just not craving anything to add back in. I think that’s what I loved about this cleanse, it was so sensible and educational. I would have loved to be more all in when it came to a complete detox on the time management and stress free of work, but it will just be  #nexttimegoals for #thecompletedetox. As far as my toxicity score….I started at 54 and today scored at 21! I lost a total of 6 pounds too. Thank you, Thank you, Nicole for the wonderful support and program. You are awesome and an inspiration to stay the course and keep it up. Healthy does feel good!"

  • "Today I am grateful for Nicole Andrews and all of the research and hard work she dedicated to The Complete Detox Program. I waited an entire year since my last detox with her and that was way toooo long! I loved all of the support material as well as the tracking sheets, mantras etc. The 3 online meetings were interesting and helpful. The program was packed with incredible information and resources. There was a lot of declutter detox that I haven’t done yet, but plan to do soon. I’m feeling much better- No more joint pain, sugar cravings or foggy brain! Thank you, thank you!" I’m committing to all three programs yearly! What a great way to get back on track!!

  • Tim

    "I wanted to express my great gratitude for you Nicole for putting together the complete detox. I have completed it many times in the past and I learn something new every time. I have had lots of great results. As I taught this weekend, I was more mentally “on” and I felt more clear. My inflammation also has definitely has come down and I’m sleeping really well! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this Nicole!"


The Complete Detox Program is truly “COMPLETE”! 
Check out all that’s included in this powerful program!

When You Become a Member, You’ll Receive:

  • Daily emails that outline the program in simple and doable DAILY ACTION STEPS
  • Emails include your action step for the day, MINDSET tip, resources and
    helpful links
  • Detox EATING CHART of what to eat and what to avoid
  • Detox-friendly MEAL PLAN OPTIONS- Paleo, Low-carb & Vegan
  • Lifetime access to The Complete Detox FACEBOOK GROUP where you
    will find a host of helpful hints and experiences from others who have
    either gone through the program or who are currently going through the
  • LIVE SUPPORT WEEKLY! Every Monday at NOON, I will be going LIVE in our Private Facebook Group to answer any questions/concerns that you have!
  • Crazy USEFUL BONUSES including:
    o The Complete Detox Cookbook
    o Sleep Solutions Guide
    o FRESH Daily Schedule/ Planner/ Checklist
  • 28-Days worth of pharmaceutical-grade SUPPLEMENTS to get the maximum
    benefit as well as support your detox journey, provided in easy-to-use
    packets (AM & PM) for each phase of the program. You DO NOT HAVE to
    take any additional supplements!

Want to know what’s in the supplements?

  • In addition to weaning down and out common foods and onto the elimination diet, you want to make sure your bowel movements are regular! What's regular? Pooping 1-3 times daily! If you're not- you may require additional support like Liquid Magnesium Citrate, found on the resources page. But don't jump to get it too quickly, unless you just want to have extra on-hand (which is not a bad idea).
  • What's in them? Magnesium citrate (it may be just enough!) and a blend of fiber from natural sources like carrot root, celery stalk and leaves, citrus pectin, apple pectin and slippery elm bark to name a few.
  • These packets are crucial to helping prime the bowel for optimal elimination!
  • In order to effectively "detox" (aka- pull fat-soluble toxins out of fat, turn them into water-soluble compounds so that they can be excreted from the body) our system requires lots and lots of specific nutrients!
  • Not only that, based on our genes, some people (myself included) have a very difficult time with detoxing harmful compounds and need this extra support from nutrients.
  • Nutrients such as activated B-vitamins, N-acteyl-cysteine, dandelion, milk thistle, artichoke, bilberry, L-Glutathione, and more help this Phase 1 & Phase 2 detoxification pathways do what its supposed to do.
  • The detox process can sometimes use up a lot of our antioxidants, in order to make the toxins neutral compounds to be excreted from our body.
  • Nutrients in week four are all about restoration and include antioxidants, fish oil as well as probiotics

So What Will This Program Do For Me?

✔ Assist in removing a multitude of toxins from our body, which come from a variety of places such as every day foods including preservatives and chemical sweeteners, the hormones and antibiotics in our meats and proteins, heavy metals in our fish and seafood, pesticides on our vegetables and numerous chemicals found in our cleaning and beauty products

✔ Show you how to identify toxic elements in your body, environment and overall day-to-day and provide tips when choosing alternative products

✔ Deliver tools and techniques to help you balance your life, lower your stress levels & help you identify what’s really important to you

✔ Provide a platform for you to be properly educated & guided in the right direction when it comes to healthy living, detox and life balance

✔ Offer group SUPPORT through weekly LIVE online video chats, as well as through our Private Facebook Group!


  • ✔ Lower inflammation
  • ✔ Balance and restore body pH
  • ✔ Replenish essential nutrients and minerals
  • ✔ Increase your energy
  • ✔ Improve your sleep
  • ✔ Strengthen your immune system
  • ✔ Boost your libido
  • ✔ Regulate your hormones
  • ✔ Decrease food cravings
  • ✔ Lower joint pain
  • ✔ Clear the “brain-fog”
  • ✔ Improve your memory and overall mood
  • ✔ Decrease anxiety
  • ✔ Clear congestion
  • ✔ Give you healthier skin, hair and nails
  • ✔ Allow you to feel vibrant and full of energy
  • ✔ Kick start your metabolism
  • ✔ Regulate your digestive system

Why should you invest your money in this particular program?

Unfortunately and quite frankly— there’s NOT a lot of high quality quality ONLINE programs out there that offer handheld coaching by a registered dietitian that practices functional nutrition and mindset techniques as well as pharmaceutical - grade detox nutrients that actually work!

This program not only gives you the tools to improve your health, it also provides a community of support, group coaching, personal recommendations and instruction by a Registered Dietitian & Yoga Therapist trained in the “functional nutrition” approach…ME!


Sleep Solutions Guide

A practical guide of all things related to getting better zzzzzz!! Devised from the latest research and put into easy, doable steps to get you into that delicious


FRESH Daily Schedule & Tracker Sheet

This FRESH tracker sheet is designed to…well,.. help keep you on track! It contains your scheduler for the day, reminders, checklists and acts as a daily accountability sheet. I send this bad boy to Office Depot and get 30 pages bound and printed so that I’m READY TO GO come “Day 1”!


The Complete Detox Cookbook

A ton of Detox-friendly, Anti-Inflammatory and best of all- EASY recipes you will be sure to love! Including juices, mocktails, smoothies, smoothie bowels, salad dressings, soups, salads, entrees, sides…and YES…even detox-friendly desserts! Can I get a whoop-whoop!

Most online programs make you pay for their accompanying cookbooks and
tools. But I believe its imperative to have all the resources you may need, right at your fingertips! Your success is my success!

Total Value of What Your Getting…

Daily Emails  ($150 Value)

28-Days of Pharmaceutical DETOX Supplements ($150 Value)

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls ($250 Value)

The Complete Detox Cookbook ($24 Value)

Sleep Solutions Guide ($9 Value)

FRESH Daily Schedule & Tracker Sheet ($7 Value)




How can I expect to feel on the program? +

How you will respond to the products and the dietary program will be determined by your own unique “biochemical individuality”.

Many people begin to feel the benefits of detoxification within a few days to a few weeks and show results within a month or less, depending on your need for cleansing.

Some people experience momentary reactions to the program as their body adapts to the dietary changes and starts to unleash toxic compounds.

You may experience mild headaches, muscle aches, or changes in bowel habits (increased). When a symptom like this occurs, it is usually minor and temporary. Just remember to drink lots of water (at least half your body weight in ounces) and be gentle with yourself during this time.

Can I take other supplements while on this program?

These products contain therapeutic levels of carefully selected nutrients. Therefore, you will not need to take your multivitamin and mineral supplement while on this program.

Supplements are a big part of this, although diet is equally as big…we need to be avoiding highly allergenic foods during this time for a few reasons:

1Some of these foods are known to cause inflammation such as gluten, dairy and sugar.

2Other highly reactive foods like corn, citrus and soy can also contribute to inflammation.

3Calming the inflammation is what will aid our body in the detoxification process, because if our body is inflamed, it’s constantly struggling to fight the inflammation and won’t be able to focus on the detox process.Another reason to avoid taking your own supplements at this time is that supplements are not regulated by the FDA and may contain harmful ingredients or chemicals, which is exactly what you’re trying to clean out of your system!


Can I take medication during this program? +

Because this is an actual detox program, it does affect the rate at which things are processed in your liver, meaning it may render your medications a little less effective during the “Detox Phase” of the program. If you take multiple medications, I would strongly advise you to let your doctor know this so that he or she can monitor you more closely during this time if they feel necessary.

Why is my urine so yellow?

Water-soluble nutrients like vitamin C and the B vitamin family are all taken up by the body in accordance to what your body needs at that time. Any excess nutrients are passed through the urinary system. There is a significant amount of B vitamins in this detox program and since B vitamins are water soluble, you will eliminate any excess nutritents-which is why you may notice a yellow coloring to your urine.


What if I have to travel while on the program? +

Traveling is difficult on The Complete Detox program- although life happens and sometimes we have do what we have to do. The best tips for traveling include: Bring your nutrient packets with you and don't forget to take them! Put them in a place you'll always have on you. Of course, you can't ensure that when you eat out foods are organic or hormone free, but you can at least do what you can to eat clean and remain off the allergenic and inflammatory foods. There are many restaurants opening up these days that now that offer detox-friendly foods! Simply search, "organic restaurants around me" and see what pops up! Take organic fruits and nuts with you to snack on (as well as some of the other detox-approved snacks).

What if I am on a budget? +

Eating on a budget is difficult in general although it is especially so when you’re trying to consume organic proteins and produce! In this case, complement your program with sprouted legumes and vegetables. Even frozen organic vegetables are appropriate. Legumes such as peas, lentils and beans are a good price and when combined with vegetables can prove to be a filling, inexpensive and satisfying meal. You may also want to take a visit to local farmer’s markets for better prices on produce.


What about eating out? +

Like traveling, eating out can also be difficult on this detox program because, as mentioned, you cannot ensure clean sources of protein or organic produce. You can however still stick to the “Allowed Foods” listed and continue to avoid caffeine and alcohol. I would also suggest searching for “organic” and “gluten-free” restaurants in the area you’ll be traveling to help offer some optimal spots while on (and off) The Complete Detox Program.

Can I still exercise on the program? +

It is recommended to exercise on this program however if you are not acclimated to exercising don't force yourself into straining or pushing just to get a workout in. If you are already following an exercise regimen the idea would be to continue of course although you may want to refrain from sprinting or pushing your body to extremes especially in the detox phase. If you currently do not exercise it is recommended to do some light activity such as walking, swimming or even a Zumba class just to get the blood flow moving!