Something Smells Fishy: What you Should Know About Fish Safety

Fish is one of the healthiest sources of animal protein we can eat - it's high in protein, contains healthy fats and a terrific source of minerals. HOWEVER, at this point in time some fish are better to eat than others...

As I write this article I’m reminded of the fish I have to take out for dinner! OK-I’m back. By the way, I took out Mahi-mahi, one of the better choices, which I’ll explain….

Certain types of fish are being “fished out”, tons of sea life is wasted in the process of catching large fish, reefs are being destroyed by large fishing vessels and nets, fish farms are getting contaminated by sewage run-offs and are sadly jam-packed with fish increasing the risk of infection and contamination to other fish

Moreover, some farms are not only contaminating the fish “food” with toxins such PBB’s they are also giving fish that become infected antibiotics and hormones to prevent infection and grow to large sizes in a short amount of time (in effort to increase their profits)!

Surprised? I certainly was too.

A great place to educate yourself regarding this issue is

This link gives you complete access to printable PDF guides for the best AND worst choices when it comes to purchasing seafood. It’s also organized by which state you live in for optimal quality!

The lists below were created by how it was caught, where it is from, if it was farmed or wild and the level of contaminants it may contain. As mentioned- fish can contain an array of contaminants therefore, fish oil can contain these same toxins that can potentially cause more harm than good.

Best Choices:

Alaskan wild-caught salmon and pompano



US Mahi-mahi

Best Choices - Good Alternatives:

Wild caught cod





Avoid List:

Bluefin tuna


Farmed salmon

Pacific rockfish

Orange roughy

Atlantic cod


For a complete list however, click on the link above!

Start “Living Fresh” by incorporating healthy choices of fish and seafood into your diet, and supplement with high quality Omega-3 fish oil on a daily basis. You might even want to take it “next level” and get your nutrients and omega status tested!! (We'll get into that SOON in another post)

Trust me-Your body will thank you for every change you make, no matter how big or small. And that alone my friends is no small fish to fry!! (P.S.- Please don’t fry…it was a just a play on words! :)))

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