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Hi I’m Nicole,

I used to have terrible IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), migraine headaches, mood fluctuations and trouble getting prego…My hormones were completely out of whack at the ripe old age of 28!!! Apparently the birth control I was taking for fourteen years (initially placed on it for severe cramps) was causing my hormones to go caty-wompus!

After learning about Functional Nutrition and how Metabolic Detoxification could help restore balance to my physical body, I jumped right into this “detox” business. I learned that detox isn’t about fasting or restricting. It’s about eliminating toxic food triggers and taking high quality detox targeting supplements, being kind to yourself and learning how to swap my chemically-laden household and beauty products to products with less crap in them!

But wait- there’s more! I also learned that “detox” is not just about a 2 week or 4 week program you go on and come off- it’s a WAY OF LIFE. And there are things we can do- foods we can eat, daily to practices to do, even poses and exercises that can help us to continuously detox our body on a regular basis!

Needless to say, two and a half years later, after learning how to rid by body of unwanted chemicals and balancing my hormones, (not to mention immense personal growth both physically and emotionally), my little baby boy was born. Twenty-three months later, my little girl joined him in this world and together; they are the light and joy of my life.

This life changing experience has led me to create “The Complete Detox Program” in an effort to teach others how to make the changes necessary to re-shape their health and lead the life they were meant to live.

Today, I feel better than I did when I was twenty!

I have been engaging in The Complete Detox Program for eight years now, twice sometimes three times a year to help keep my body running on all cylinders in this busy and toxic world.

Why? Because it works! And because it’s not just a fad D-I-E-T program with a catchy name that encompasses the word “detox”.

This program has taken YEARS of trial and error and research to find the simplest way for YOU to embark on a safe and gentle, yet effective detox program.

And the best part is- You eat REAL food! No fasting, no labor intensive juicing, no magic bullet- But scientifically proven strategies to help effectively detox and rejuvenate your body.

This program has exactly what most people need when embarking on a any health or wellness program.

#2. A PLAN

I have found that in order for The Complete Detox program to have an impact on your health you will require:

  1. The correct information.
  2. A support system
  3. A leader to show you how, hold you accountable, and answer your questions!

And THAT is exactly why this program works!


Read these testimonials to hear how this program has worked for countless others!

Jeanette Doyle Amodio

I am amazed at how good I feel!! My skin is smooth and glowing, my brain is clearer, my energy level is up and no more bloating!! I know most of these changes are due to removing the gluten/carbs and sugar. I don’t plan on reintroducing these into my diet.

Another perk from my detox is how strong and long my nails are now. My nails were brittle and chipped easy before detox.

I will be staying gluten free with limited dairy and carbs.

Jeanette Doyle Amodio
Todd Schepers

Day 4 of detox and feeling much better! Definitely feel more energy, typically by the end of the day I’m exhausted. My back has not felt this good in a very long time!

The shakes were great! I’ve done several detoxes, but this is the best by far. Nicole does a great job with all the info and really awesome cookbook!

Huge THANK YOU to Nicole, she answers any and all questions you may have while going through the program.

Todd Schepers
Viveka le Roux

I am on the FINAL day of the cleanse. Feeling strong and lean and very motivated to make some healthy changes going forward. I think being gluten free will be easier now that I have had such great help and exposure to new ingredients. Will continue to use the cookbook for sure!

Viveka le Roux

Here's What's Included In The Complete Detox Program...


This module is geared toward introducing you to The Complete Detox Program:

  • Why detox
  • How we become toxic
  • Symptoms associated with toxicity
  • What a detox is & what it isn’t
  • What to expect
  • FAQ’s

Phase One- Prepare

Phase One is all about PREPARATION! In this module, I'll walk you through:

  • Foods to Eat & Foods to Avoid
  • Why Elimination Diet?
  • Why ALL organic?
  • Typical Swaps
  • Weaning Down Caffeine- The How’s & Why’s
  • Ensuring Proper Hydration
  • Slashing Sugar
  • Taming the Spirits- Weaning down alcohol
  • Reaching Regularity…A MUST!
  • How to Plan Ahead- Tips on Bulk Cooking for Success

Phase Two- Detox

Phase Two is all about how to properly and effectively rid our body of toxins. Not all of the activities are required, although they are suggested to try!

  • Conventional/GMO foods- Know What to Choose
  • Avoiding Toxins in Body Care Products
  • Avoiding Toxins in Cleaning Products
  • Activate your Lymphatic System
  • A Good Morning Tonic
  • The Juice on Lemon Water
  • Steam to Beam
  • Brush Your Body Not Just Your Hair
  • Play with Clay - Making a Clay Bath & Body Mask
  • Juicing 101
  • Essential oils for Detox
  • How to Do a Coffee Enema
  • Detox from Negative Thinking
  • The Stress & Toxicity Connection

Phase Three- Refresh & Reintroduce

In this phase we'll REFRESH & REINTRODUCE foods back and identify possible toxic food triggers. 

  • Reintroducing Foods- How to Do it Right
  • Signs & Symptoms of Possible Toxic Food Triggers
  • Benefits of Avoiding Gluten, Dairy & Soy
  • Ingredients to Avoid Long-Term

Moving Forward

In this module we'll talk all about healthy living for the long haul!

  • Whole Foods Eating
  • Create an Exercise Routine You Enjoy
  • Incorporate a Consistent Spiritual Practice
  • Quarterly Detox Highly Recommended
  • Importance of Nutrient Testing
  • Foundational Nutrients to Include – The 5 Pillars
Marie Sutcavage Rock

“We completed our Detox this week. With my birthday and our 25th anniversary on the August horizon, I wanted to have a fresh start. Some benefits we are feeling…No more cravings and better self control. No more swelling and joint pain. Although we had minimal weight loss. We are physically smaller. My clothes feel looser!

The detoxification process also enhanced my clarity of thought and balance. It directed me to take the time to make an honest appraisal of the factors that affect both my health and my serenity. I am now more conscious of what I’m putting into my mouth and how my body reacts to it.”

Marie Sutcavage Rock

Plus You'll Receive These Amazing Bonuses...

The Complete Detox Cookbook

Over 60 Detox-friendly, Anti-Inflammatory recipes you will be sure to love! Including juices, smoothies, smoothie bowels, salad dressings, soups, salads, entrees, sides…and YES…even detox-friendly desserts!

10 Days Worth of Detox Supplementation

  • UltraClear RENEW Shake
  • Flavor options: Vanilla, Chai or Berry
  • AdvaClear capsules

The Complete Detox Private Facebook Group

Awesome platform to share & connect! Express your...

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