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Nicole believes in a functional medicine approach to health -which looks at a therapeutic, mind-body-spirit approach towards healthy living.


Nicole’s professional experience within the first decade of her career included clincial rotations in hospitals, wellness centers, home health agencies as well as addiction, trauma, fertility and dual-diagnosis centers across the south Florida tri-county area.  In addition to being a keynote speaker at the C.U.R.E. (Cutting Edge Research Education) Symposium at Palm Beach College, she has consulted with Blue Cross Blue Shield in marketing and promotional events such as the PGA Golf Tournament and the NASDAQ Tennis Competition as their Nutritional Advisor.


For the past decade, she has enjoyed working in the areas of private practice, corporate wellness, and online correspondence. Nicole offers an array of health & lifestyle tips via social media through the Living Fresh Facebook page, @livingfresh on Instagram, and via her webpage at www.livingfresh.org


Her signature program, “The Complete Detox Program” offers an online & assisted MIND-BODY RESET program which has recently partnered with LIVEEXERCISE.COM to motivate others and create the Eternity Warrior Transformation program. Knowing the importance of daily movement herself, Nicole knew this would be a perfect match. To be able to provide the joy of movement to others in their own home (especially now)… via LIVE shows #realtime….and inspire others to get healthy at the same time is nothing short of true inspiration! 


After practicing yoga for 15 years, Nicole became a certified Yoga Instructor herself and has now integrated yoga classes into wellness retreats, boutique-type studios, community classes and now with LIVEEXERCISE.COM. The COVID-19 experience we faced in March 2020, changed a lot in her life to say the least! Kids were home 24/7 to “homeschool” (yeah right!) and she found herself suddenly pressed for time to get in the added load of homeschool and her own work not to mention...workout!! She took her knowledge of calisthenics, core work and yoga, and combined it to include all three components – Strength, Cardio & Flexibility...“Chiseled” Yoga was born!


In addition to her commitment and passion for healthy living & inspiring others to live their best life- Nicole is also a mother of two beautiful young children, Ethan & Lucy. Knowing the struggles of living a healthy and balanced life herself, Nicole takes a very down-to-earth, yet personalized approach to her practice. 

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