Why You Should Never Buy Supplements Over-the-counter or on Amazon! 

If you’re like most of the people in America, you probably get your nutritional supplements at your local drug store, supermarket, whole foods and now, maybe even on Amazon.

And why not? They’re cheap, right?


You may be saving money on these so-called supplements, but you are not saving your health, as much as you think you are! The supplement industry IS NOT AT ALL REGULATED! So every time you purchase these “over-the-counter” supplements, you’re putting your health (and even the health of your loved ones) at risk! Seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?! Consumer Lab Reports and multiple independent lab testing companies have found numerous issues with most (and yes, even brands you thought you could trust!) over-the-counter supplements!

Before you waste money on another “private label” or store-bought/Amazon nutrient purchase- READ THIS great article written by Gary Collins!

When you’re educated, You’re empowered to make the best decision for you, and the ones you love.


By~ Gary Collins, MS

In today’s difficult economy, everyday folks seeking a health-and-energy boost may be hesitant to purchase “expensive” vitamins and supplements from “upscale” stores and distribution outlets.

Instead, honest folks turn to Internet sites such as Amazon and eBay to purchase vitamins on the cheap for themselves and their kids.

I urge you, don’t do this! (emphasis added)

As a former special agent and forensic investigator for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), my heart breaks for hardworking moms and dads trying to do right by their family by buying inexpensive supplements.

Little do they know that these “bargain” vitamins and capsules are worthless at best, and at worst may cost them and their children their health, and possibly their lives.

The fact is, it costs money to make quality dietary supplements such as vitamins, protein powders, fish oil capsules, energy bars, herbal blends, or sports nutrition products.

But if you have no morals and know how truly under-regulated the supplement industry is in America, you can make huge amounts of money selling dangerous counterfeit and expired supplement products.

How? You undercut the price of legitimate supplement companies. Cheaper wins. And the consumer loses.

There are three main ways that supplements end up on the market at unbelievably cheap prices:

  • They are counterfeit and probably dangerous.
  • They are useless expired products that have been repackaged as new.
  • They are stolen products released on the black market without any quality control.

Here’s how each scenario plays out.

Counterfeit Products

One of the easiest ways to make a dishonest buck in the supplement world is to create a pill that mirrors a name-brand health supplement. Create lookalike packaging and you can sell your worthless pill on the Internet for a “discounted” price. And a counterfeit operation is born!

People would be appalled if they knew how prevalent counterfeit dietary supplements truly are. Sadly, fake vitamins and “health” capsules have made their way into the general consumer market.

These dangerous pills masquerade as the real thing on the shelves of the name-brand department stores that virtually every family in America patronizes – and they certainly are available on the Internet.

Here’s the bottom line: If an above-board supplement or pharmaceutical drug is popular, you can bet someone, primarily in China or India, is counterfeiting it.

Even worse? Fake pills virtually never have the correct amount of the active ingredient they are supposed to contain.

During my FDA tenure we ran lab tests on all kinds of lookalike pills and capsules. Some cheap/counterfeit supplements had ten times or more the amount of “medicinal” ingredients as was indicated on the label. Worse, some had none, and others simply contained large amounts of sawdust! They have numerous distribution shell companies set up all over the world, so it is almost impossible to figure out the paperwork trail and the actual origins of these dangerous pills.

The real-world result is that there are virtually no legal consequences to selling fake pills, capsules or vitamins, and the criminals know it.

How prevalent are fake supplements? The IACC (International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition) estimates that brand-holders (the legitimate companies behind name-brand, non-counterfeit products) lose approximately $600 billion of revenue annually because of counterfeiting.

Michael Danel, the secretary general of the World Customs Organization, has said that if terrorism did not exist, counterfeiting would be the most significant criminal act of the early twenty-first century.

That’s why it is so important to buy directly from a legitimate manufacturer or from a trusted health practitionerwhenever you can. Read the labels on the pills you buy. Call the customer service number and ask a few questions. 

Many companies will only give vague, uneducated answers about the contents of their products and the nature of a product’s manufacturing processes.

Frankly, a lot of Internet pill-pushers won’t even list a phone number or address online. Not good.

Bottom line: if it seems fake, it probably is. And if it’s really cheap, it’s almost certainly a counterfeit.

Expired Products 

Another way to make a dishonest living is to purchase a genuine product that has expired for pennies on the dollar. Change the dates on the package labels, and voila: a cheap “new” product ready to be brought back to market.

Legitimate supplement companies often have fire sales when they have products that are about to expire. The counterfeiters love this as it fits right into their business model. They can purchase these legitimate products and package them with counterfeit products and no one is the wiser.

I have seen this done in a couple ways: The criminals might simply replace the label with a new label and a fictitious expiration date. Or, if they received the expired product in raw form (not in the bottle) they will sometimes mix it with counterfeit tablets or capsules.

Bottom line: If criminals can make a couple bucks on something they will. It all boils down to money. And by purchasing expired, legitimate products they can have “genuine” product on hand if something goes wrong and someone complains.

Once again, it’s the consumer who will pay the price.

Stolen Products Resold by Criminal Enterprises

This scheme is pretty straight-forward. Criminals simply break into the warehouses of an above-board supplement company or take the big rig truck transporting nutritional products by force. They then distribute the product to other criminal fencing enterprises and the supplements end up on the Internet at a super-cheap price.

Alternatively, employees of a genuine supplement company might steal product while at work and then sell it on the black market to criminals.

You may think, well in this case it’s a genuine supplement, so why should I care? Here’s why: Criminals don’t just work with stolen products, but with expired and counterfeit products as well. They all get mixed together.

So you as the consumer will never know which variation of the product you are getting. You may get lucky one time, another time you may not be so lucky. Is it really worth your health to save a couple of bucks? Absolutely not!

Buying Safe Supplements 

– Only buy supplements from a reputable company. Do your research and check them out. If the website is based in a foreign country and has no contact information or customer service number, there is a good chance this is a company involved in nefarious activities. Believe me, these companies exist, and we are talking about your health, and possibly your life.

– Find out what standards are used to test the quality of the ingredients and the final products of the supplement companies you want to patronize. Reputable companies will have an informative label on their supplements and will have more information about their testing measures on their website.

– If it is cheap, avoid it. No reputable company using high-quality ingredients can manufacture high-end supplements cheaply. It just isn’t possible. Don’t waste your money. Another insider fact: health practitioners who sell supplements (such as a chiropractor, doctor, or dietician… or my company!) are only allowed to sell practitioner-grade supplements at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) or at a maximum of fifteen percent off of the MSRP, depending on the company. Basically, we all sign legal agreements that we will not discount the products on our website. This is pretty common practice to protect legitimate supplement companies. With this insider information, you can protect your family as well.

What My FDA Experience Taught Me

The sad truth is that fake-pill-pushing criminals often operate in countries at a distance far further than the arm of Uncle Sam’s laws can reach.

It’s easy to sell counterfeit supplements at reputable online venues such as Amazon and eBay. But for the consumer, it’s a disaster.

Here’s what a decade of forensic investigation really taught me: Your instincts are usually right. If you can’t easily trace the origins of some “miracle” pills or are given the run-around by a supplement sales rep when you ask complex questions about ingredients or packaging, your gut will tell you what’s up. Go with your gut.

Times are tough in America. But I urge you not to save dollars buy buying deeply discounted supplements on Amazon, or other discount third party websites, without doing some serious research. 

Risking the health of your family and children is not worth it. Instead, buy high quality supplements, eat nutritious food, and get some exercise. 

That’s the only real way to beat the criminals and achieve life-long health!


Thanks Gary, for this amazing article. Well put!

Overall-Dietary Supplements sold over-the-counter are NOT FDA approved or regulated, therefore MOST dietary supplements are made very cheap and sold for a huge profit. These may actually do more harm than good for the following reasons: They may contain heavy metals, toxins and pesticides; May be in inactive forms or, if fats- may be rancid; May have more or less of the amount marketed on the nutrition label.

Therefore, if you do not have somewhere to purchase pharmaceutical grade nutrients, it is better to NOT take anything at all.

On the other hand, Dietary supplements that are of high quality and pharmaceutical grade are Third-party tested; Meet the standards for cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices); Contain active forms of bioavailable nutrients; Match their nutrient label in contents.

Here are my Top FIVE Markers of Supplement QUALITY:

  1. GMP-certified manufacturing facilities
  2. Comprehensive scientific evaluation of ingredients
  3. Comprehensive safety reviews
  4. Human clinical evaluations to assess safety and efficacy
  5. Advanced scientific staff, equipment and facilities


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