What a true detox is and what it’s not


There are so many “detox” programs, products and ideas out there today, it can be confusing to identify which one would truly be helpful for us.

Is there a definition of what a detox truly is? YES!

The word “detox simply means- a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances (aka…detoxification).

More accurately put- A true detox is one where your body is given the chance to:

  • Rejuvenate damaged liver cells
  • Calm the inflammatory cascade
  • Soothe the adrenal glands
  • Up-regulate toxins from fat cells

Safely transform these toxins into water-soluble compounds and exit the body

How does it do this? Through minimizing our toxic load coming into the body, avoiding adrenal stimulants, using pharmaceutical-grade detox-focused nutrients, following the elimination diet, ensuring proper hydration and elimination, and engaging in practices that help to enhance- which is exactly what The Complete Detox program is!

 Now that you know what a true detox actually is, Let’s look a few examples of what a detox is NOT!

A Detox Isn’t a Juice Fast

Now don’t get me wrong, a juice fast, whether it’s a one-day, three-day or even a five-day juice fast can be great for the body. It gives the body a break from toxic foods and digestion and also floods the body with tons of nutrients (But only if the juices are low sugar and organic!). However, it doesn’t technically work on “eliminating” too many toxins from the body, or regenerating liver cells, rather it gives the body a break from continuously ingesting more toxins, which is why it is called a “fast” verses a “detox”.

A Detox Isn’t a FAST of Any Kind (Example: Only eating fruits and veggies)!

Just eating from these two foods groups in no way shape or form is a detox or even a cleanse. In fact, you could be adding more toxins to your body, especially if you are purchasing conventional fruits and veggies verses organic.

A Detox Isn’t JUST a Colon Cleanse!

While we need to be regular (DAILY!), colon cleaning, whether through the use of laxatives or colonics can be very disrupting to not only our normal gut flora, it can also throw off your bodies regular peristalsis cycles (aka…Your regular bowel movement habits). While it is true that constipation leads to recirculation of toxins, forcing the process can be equally disrupting.

If you suffer from constipation, make sure you’re drinking at least ½ your body weight in ounces, eating high fiber foods such as flaxseeds, other nuts and seeds and plenty of raw veggies, and if you still have issues, try taking between 300mg-1000mg of magnesium citrate before bed.

Coffee enemas on the other hand, can be a wonderful addition to this program. According to the Gerson Institute, they have the primary purpose of “removing toxins accumulated in the liver and removing free radicals from the bloodstream.”

A Detox Isn’t a Just a Diet!

Just eliminating certain foods will not effectively “detox” your body. Eliminating gluten and dairy is an awesome thing to shoot for, even long-term. It is not however going to detox your body. What it will do is help to lower overall inflammation, give your digestive system the platform to heal and work more efficiently and also cut cravings and boost energy levels!

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