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One of my favorite Functional Medicine docs, Dr. Mark Hyman, whom I’ve seen speak multiple times in person (such a nice person too) said it perfectly when he wrote….

“Can I get all the nutrients I need from food?” a patient will occasionally ask. On the surface, this makes sense. After all, if you are eating a whole, fresh, unprocessed foods diet, shouldn’t you be able to get an abundant supply of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients?

Unfortunately, things aren’t that easy. Even with a perfect diet, the combination of many things –including our depleted soils, the storage and transportation of our food, genetic alterations of traditional heirloom species, and the increased stress and nutritional demands resulting from a toxic environment – make it impossible for us to get the vitamins and minerals we need SOLEY from the foods we eat.

Simply put, the evidence shows we cannot get away from the need for nutritional supplements.

Doctors used to think you got all your vitamins and minerals from food. Any extra nutrients were excreted, or worse, became toxic. But the tide is shifting. Doctors now prescribe over one billion dollars in fish oil supplements. Most cardiologists recommend folate (which can even be harmful if in the wrong form for the person), fish oil, and coenzyme Q10. Gastroenterologists recommend probiotics. Obstetricians have always recommended prenatal vitamins.

Emerging scientific evidence shows the importance of nutrients as essential helpers in our biochemistry and metabolism. They are the oil that greases the wheels of our metabolism. And large-scale deficiencies of nutrients in our population – including omega-3 fats, vitamin D, folate, zinc, magnesium, and iron – have been well documented in extensive government-sponsored research.

These deficiencies have the ability to change our GENES!!! Wake up people- We NEED the right nutrients!


Dietary Supplements sold over-the-counter are NOT FDA approved or regulated, therefore MOST dietary supplements are made very cheap and sold for a huge profit. These may actually do more harm than good for the following reasons: They may contain heavy metals, toxins and pesticides; May be in inactive forms or, if fats- may be rancid; May have more or less of the amount marketed on the nutrition label.

Therefore, if you do not have somewhere to purchase pharmaceutical grade nutrients, it is better to NOT take anything at all. (And sorry guys, Life Extension has amazing studies, but question the quality of their nutrients!)

On the other hand, Dietary supplements that are of high quality and pharmaceutical grade are Third-party tested; Meet the standards for cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices); Contain active forms of bioavailable nutrients; Match their nutrient label in contents.

Top FIVE Markers of Supplement QULAITY

1. GMP-certified manufacturing facilities
2. Comprehensive scientific evaluation of ingredients
3. Comprehensive safety reviews & Third Party Testing
4. Human clinical evaluations to assess safety and efficacy
5. Advanced scientific staff, equipment and facilities

Choosing quality supplements means you’ll have peace of mind that what you’re taking is pure, clean and making a difference in your body for the better. Remember – we live in a toxic world with nutrient depleted soil, higher levels of stress, etc. which all increase our risk for nutrient depletions. In this day and age, it is absolutely vital to supplement to the body with high quality nutrients!

I use supplements in my practice as a cornerstone of healing and repair, so I have investigated supplement makers, toured factories, and studied independent analyses as well as third party assessments of their finished products. I have learned there are a few companies I can rely on, many of which you can have access to by becoming either a client or at the very least by joining the Living Fresh Insider’s Club.

There are four pillars of supplemental recommendations that I believe everybody should have as a solid nutritional foundation. Below I’ve mentioned, what I call the “FOUR PILLARS” for foundational health and links to purchase for optimal convenience.

Multivitamin/mineral with active nutrients 

Once again- Because the food today, just ain’t what it used to be- We need to supplement. I like to call it “Bridging The Gap” a term I love provided from my Juice Plus possy. “Active” is the key word, as many nutrients in supplements today are cheap, and in inactive forms. I personally take BOTH an antioxidant based multi AND the Juice Plus Trio!

MultiMedica for Men or Women-  Referral Code: 28997

Get the Juice Plus Trio HERE

By the way- If you have kids- You may just want to join The Children’s Health Study Initiative, enabling your kids to get FREE Juice Plus for up to 5 years! (Newborn through College eligible.) Contact me for further info. 

EPA/DHA Fish oil

Nine out of ten patients I see are deficient, I repeat, deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA & DHA. These important fats improve insulin sensitivity, lower cholesterol by lowering triglycerides and raising HDL, reduce inflammation, prevent blood clots, and lower the risk of heart attacks. They are also key when it comes to beauty- Providing healthy, strong nails, skin and hair! Fish oil also improves nerve function and may help prevent the nerve damage common in diabetes and other conditions.

Omega 950-Referral Code: 28997

Vitamin D3 5000

The vitamin D deficiency is epidemic; with up to 80 percent of modern day humans are deficient or suboptimal in their intake and blood levels. Depending on what’s in your multivitamin, I recommend taking additional vitamin D. Vitamin D3 improves metabolism by influencing more than 200 different genes that can prevent and treat diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

There are several important things to keep in mind when taking vitamin D:

Take the right type of vitamin D— D3 (cholecalciferol), not D2. Most doctors prescribe vitamin D2. Do not take prescription vitamin D; it is not as effective and not very biologically active.

For serious deficiencies, you may need more vitamin D, as much as 10,000 IU a day for 3 months or more.

D3-2000- Referral Code: 28997


I also recommend probiotics because modern life, diet, and antibiotics, as well as other drugs, damage our gut ecosystem, which is so important in keeping our immune system strong as well as keeping us healthy and thin. Can you say…BONUS?!

Hi-Flora- Referral Code: 28997

Hi-Flora has the same strains as VSL#3, which is the most researched probiotic in human health studied to improve patients struggling with IBS and IBD. Hi-Flora also has 4 additional well-researched strains for a healthy urinary system and weight management! Whoo-hoo! I like it! Unlike VSL#3, Hi-Flora was formulated without any allergens!


Wondering how to get quality supplements with discount prices, along WITH tailored recommendations & your own personal go-to, "on-call" Functional Nutritionist? Check out The Living Fresh Insider's Club!


AND for best results... Don't GUESS...TEST!

Contact me about my Holiday FRESH Foundational Package to get started on knowing exactly what your body needs more of based on intracellular testing and genetics. Information that will indeed serve you FOR LIFE!

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