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Can you workout for 7 minutes?

Exercise. We know we need it. We hate to do it. Can it be done in just 7 minutes? Tell me more, you say? Well, a recent article in the May-June issue of the American.. Continue Reading


Top 5 Reasons to try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Have you heard of high intensity interval training? Basically what it means is any activity where you alternate between bursts of intensity with less intense activity or rest. You may be thinking to yourself –.. Continue Reading

exercise routine

Balance Your Workouts

One of the hardest things to do, aside from just getting into the habit of being active on a regular basis, is mixing up your workout routine. It’s important to vary our workout routine for.. Continue Reading



  1. Jump into jogging! A Yale University School of Medicine study has shown that you’ll continue to burn fat long after your jog: People who run for at least four hours a week melt.. Continue Reading



How much time have you spent planning the foods you eat after your runs? A lot of runners get back from their runs and spend time stretching and evaluating the run with their running buddies. .. Continue Reading



Sprints?! You may think to yourself, “No way am I going to sprint, I have a hard enough time just working out!” After you read this, you may think again. For just a few minutes.. Continue Reading


What exactly is a Tabata?

A-What-a? Dr. Tabata (hence the name!) is the one responsible for inventing this short and very intense workout. He showed that short bursts of high intensity training had superior aerobic and anaerobic training effects compared.. Continue Reading


“Calories In” DOES NOT EQUAL “Calories Out”

When I tell my clients not to worry about counting calories or measuring they often times look at me like I’m nuts. What kind of dietitian doesn’t “count” things anyways! The truth is that the.. Continue Reading

health benefits of Yoga

What are the health benefits of Yoga?

Do Yoga for Major Health Benefits If you’re like a lot of people, you probably know that yoga is good for you but just can’t carve out the time to actually make a class, or.. Continue Reading

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