Best snacks to pick when cravings hit!

healthy cravings

Cravings!!!!! We ALL have them. If you don’t, your lying. Do you give yourself permission to indulge in unhealthy options when your cravings hit?

If I did, I would be in trouble that’s for sure. Which is why I’ve found it helpful to give in to cravings- yes- but to choose healthier options.

What a concept, right? Believe it or not, most people crave either salty or sweet (although some people crave both- yikes!). If you give into your craving for the salty or sweet and make the decision to choose healthier options, you will find that this craving will disappear.

Why you might ask? Because you’ve satisfied the craving your body needs. If we keep avoiding what we’re craving, we’ll eventually run the risk of overindulging. Not a good thing. So listen to your body. You might need the electrolytes of those salty foods, you might need the nutrients and the hydration from that sweet piece of fruit. See?

As long as we choose healthy options for satisfying our cravings, we’ll steer clear of the trouble of unbalanced blood sugar, unhealthy cravings for more sugar, mood swings, an insatiable appetite and of course unwanted pounds!

Here’s little list of options for when your cravings kick in. Hope you enjoy!

Sweet Snacks

  • One chunk of dark chocolate with natural nut butter on top
  • Fresh, whole fruit (for a warm treat, try baking the fruit and sprinkling with cinnamon and maple syrup!)
  • Smoothies – mix any of the following: fruit of choice, ice, vegan protein powder, cocoa/carob powder, coconut/almond milk etc.
  • Sweet vegetables – yams, sweet potatoes, squashes (acorn, butternut, kabocha) – score with a knife, sprinkle cinnamon on them and bake
  • Dried acai berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, few dark chocolate chips
  • Banana, split lengthwise, with nut butter spread in the middle
  • Homemade granola bars- Gluten free oats, raw honey, nuts, seeds, dried fruit of choice
  • Frozen organic fruit bars
  • Nut balls- Nut butter mixed with dried acai berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, few dark chocolate chips, raw honey (optional)
  • Nut crunchies (a toasted assortment of nuts, covered with cinnamon and bit of maple syrup)

Crunchy & Salty Snacks

  • Plain popcorn with seasonings, sea salt or cinnamon
  • Apples or celery with almond butter
  • Carrots & bell peppers – chopped in sticks or circles with creamy hummus of choice
  • Crunchy veggie sticks (like cucumber, celery, pepper, etc) and dip (hummus, tabouli, vinaigrette, your favorite dressing)
  • Celery and peanut butter (use the non-hydrogenated kind, all-natural kinds)
  • Nuts or seeds
  • Homemade baked chickpeas (my fav!)
  • Kale chips
  • Homeade Pickles
  • Hardboiled eggs lightly sprinkled with sea salt
  • Sulfite free Sauerkraut – it will also knock your sweet craving right out!
  • Olives
  • Sardines packed in mustard, pesto, or salsa, on top of GF crackers
  • Steamed and lightly sea-salted organic edamame pods
  • Greens with GF soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and sesame seeds on them

If you experience cravings a regular basis, it may be a sign of inflammation, and time to reset your body with a cleanse!  Get your FREE 3-day Mini Cleanse program here!



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