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Happy National SPINACH Day

Happy National SPINACH Day!!!! 🌴🍀☘️🌿🍃Do you buy organic spinach? How do you add spinach in your diet? 10 Reasons to Be Like PopEye and Eat More Spinach!!! 1. Spinach Aids Detoxification The green color of spinach.. Continue Reading

supplement quality matters


One of my favorite Functional Medicine docs, Dr. Mark Hyman, whom I’ve seen speak multiple times in person (such a nice person too) said it perfectly when he wrote…. “Can I get all the nutrients.. Continue Reading

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Last week, I was happily featured on the radio show entitled, Mastering Your Wealth, with Gary Mastrodonato for a special segment called – Healthy, Wealthy & Wise! During the segment, we had a great conversation.. Continue Reading

De-Stress as You Sleep!

Support Optimal Cortisol Levels When You Sleep! Did you know that our body can be “stressing” out even when we sleep?!!!   Say it ain’t so! This is our prime time for quality R & R! SO STOP.. Continue Reading

Why You Should Never Buy Supplements Over-the-counter or on Amazon! 

If you’re like most of the people in America, you probably get your nutritional supplements at your local drug store, supermarket, whole foods and now, maybe even on Amazon. And why not? They’re cheap, right?.. Continue Reading

Does Stress Create Toxicity?

If you’re someone who tries to maintain a positive mindset, you may have noticed that it’s not easy to stay focused or enthusiastic when everything and everyone is fighting for your attention. Through the news, blog.. Continue Reading

Oil Pulling 101

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for improving oral health. It is believed to heal more than 30 systemic diseases when performed regularly. The idea behind oil pulling is that swishing certain oils in.. Continue Reading

Earth-Friendly Reasons & Tips for Home Composting

  Composting is a green way of turning organic material into fertilizer for soil.  It is one way to reduce your household waste that would otherwise collect in the landfills, while providing you with an.. Continue Reading

Day 1: Welcome!

Welcome to Day 1 of The Complete Detox Program! I’m so glad you’ve decided to come along on this journey! I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far! Here are your action steps for.. Continue Reading

Day 2: Starting Your Transition

Today we are focusing on learning all about the Elimination Diet. Let’s face it. Our body won’t be able to detox effectively if we’re still eating inflammatory foods or packaged foods. We have to start.. Continue Reading

Day 3: Weaning Down & Out

Today we are focusing on weaning down on the substances like alcohol and caffeine. If you don’t drink alcohol or any caffeine, than good for you! But for the rest of us, cutting down on.. Continue Reading

Day 4: Typical Swaps

Today we are focusing on switching some of your common foods & beverages from inflammatory to anti-inflammatory! Here are your action steps for Day 4 of The Complete Detox Program… Check out the suggestions listed.. Continue Reading

Day 5: How to Plan Ahead

Today we are focusing on how to plan ahead for detox-friendly meals and snacks! Remember that saying-  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? Well, its true! Especially when it comes to eating.. Continue Reading

Day 6: Slashing the Sugar!

Today we are focusing on identifying excess sources of sugars in our diet. Sugar is in everything as you may or may not know! So now is the time to buckle down and be completely.. Continue Reading

Day 7: Ensuring Proper Hydration

Today we are focusing on ensuring our body is getting properly hydrated. One of the main ways our body detoxifies is through our elimination pathways, and this doesn’t work very well without adequate amounts of.. Continue Reading

Day 8: How to Take Your Detox Supplements

Today we are focusing on how to start your detox supplements! As I mentioned before, there is a much easier way to take these compared to the recommendations given in the Metagenics guidebook. The purpose.. Continue Reading

Day 9: Regularity Must Be a MUST!

Today we are focusing on the importance of having regular, well, you know…poops, or BM’s if you will. I know this is getting a little graphic, but I wouldn’t be talking about it if it.. Continue Reading

Day 10: Why ALL Organic?

Today we are focusing on ensuring that everything we put into our mouth while we are on the 10-day detox phase is organic! I know, I know- its too expensive, hard to find, you don’t.. Continue Reading

Day 11: Activate Your Lymphatic System!

Today we are focusing on activating our lymphatic system! Why-Because it’s the main system that helps filter waste from our body. Have you ever had swollen legs or hands or feet? That’s a sure telltale.. Continue Reading

Day 12: The Stress-Toxicity Connection

Today we are focusing on taking an inventory of how much stress you have in your daily life and discovering how this relates to toxicity and of course, what we can do about it! Here.. Continue Reading

Day 13: Uncovering Hidden Toxins in Body Care & Cleaning Products

Today we are focusing on Uncovering Hidden Toxins in Body Care & Cleaning Products. Did you know there are dozens of ingredients used in both body care AND cleaning products that are known carcinogens?! Crazy,.. Continue Reading

Day 14: The Juice on Lemon Water, Morning Tonics & Juicing 101

Today we are focusing on incorporating lemon water, morning tonics or fresh vegetable juices into our daily routine! Or best yet-all three! There are so many reasons to incorporate these beverages into our regular regimen… Continue Reading

Day 15: Sweat it Out!

Today we are focusing on making sure we are expelling toxins through our sweat. Do you avoid sweating? Well, don’t! It’s another avenue that our body expels toxins. Here are your action steps for Day.. Continue Reading

Day 16: Off the Beaten Track Things to Aid in Detoxing

Today we are focusing on learning a few “off the beaten track” but very ancient practices that can help enhance our detox ability.  Oil pulling, Clay masks and Enemas have all been used for centuries.. Continue Reading

Day 17: Detox with Essential Oils

Today we are focusing on how essential oils help to detox our body. The beauty of these oils is that they can be used in many different ways, depending on what you need. If we.. Continue Reading

Day 18: Reintroducing Foods- Do it Right!

Today we are focusing on how to properly reintroduce foods after you’ve completed your 10-days of detox.  Sounds boring, I know. But trust me when I say, I’ve done it the wrong way and it.. Continue Reading

Day 19: Benefits of Avoiding Gluten, Dairy & Soy

Today we are focusing on learning about the Benefits of Avoiding Gluten, Dairy & Soy long-term! Studies show that gluten can cause gut permeability or “leaky gut” even in healthy, low-risk individuals which over time,.. Continue Reading

Day 20: Take a Post-Detox Symptom Survey!

Today we are focusing on doing another Symptom Survey! This is such a great tool for comparing the before and after effects of the program! I am always amazed at how much my own score.. Continue Reading

Day 21: Create an Exercise Routine You Enjoy!

Today we are focusing on finding an exercise routine that you enjoy. As long as we are alive, it is imperative for us to exercise. The problem is, too many of us force ourselves into.. Continue Reading

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