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Living Fresh is much more than JUST good nutrition. It's a way of life. It's not a D-I-E-T. It's about finding the right types of foods and supplements for you. I can guide you in recognizing how to heal yourself with a Functional Medicine and Mind-Body-Spirit approach.

Personal Coaching

Do you feel like you've tried making healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle only to stay stuck in the same place time after time? Need some assistance with making changes that stick? Confused about which foods, supplements and lifestyle modifictions are right for you?

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Functional lab

Ever wonder if there's more going on inside your body than what your regular check-up's provide? Functional testing identifies the root cause and uncovers other factors that could ultimately prevent dis-ease in the body. Stop dis-ease in in its tracks before it has a chance to manifest with Functional LabTesting.

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The Complete
Detox program

Are you ready to get rid of digestive distress, low energy levels, foggy brain and other ailments? The Complete Detox Program offers a way to feel your best self now!

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    Nicole Andrews has become a superstar in my life! Before Nicole I had major IBS and digestive problems that I didn’t understand or control. It was when a prominent gastro doctor referred her to me for these chronic problems that I found hope. She shared her incredible knowledge with joy and enthusiasm and never lost patience with my constant questions. I learned how to discover the culprits that affect my digestive system and cause IBS. From solving my health issues to learning how to prevent future ones through nutritional and wellness guidance I am now a much wiser senior. Yes, she is a wonderful teacher!!! She remains her calm smiling self and probes deeper into the reasons for causing my own downfall and suggests alternative lifestyle changes. Besides nutritional supplements, correct diet and exercise it is the whole person…body, mind and spirit that Nicole works with. Yes, I am truly grateful that Nicole came into my life.

  • Detox Testimonial

    I am amazed at how good I feel! My skin is smooth and glowing, my brain is clear, my energy level is up and no more bloating!! Another perk from The Complete Detox Program is how strong and long my nails are now! So grateful for this program. It has tons of useful information, support and a yummy “detox-friendly” cookbook. I will definitely be repeating this again and again! -Jeanette Amodio

  • Coaching Testimonial

    I used to eat everything- Burgers, fries, and the typical meat and potatoes guys diet. The Complete Detox Program gave me the jump start that I needed! Working with Nicole has helped me not only lose over 50 pounds, she’s also provided me with the tools to adapt a new way of living a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain long-term. Both her support and education was just what I needed to make the necessary changes that have helped me feel healthier and younger now than I did five years ago! Thanks Nicole! -Alain Bapic

  • Functional Lab Testimonial

    Nicole’s support though Functional lab testing has helped me to not only identify key nutrients I was lacking, but also identified that I was at high cardiovascular risk even with normal cholesterol numbers! Through her coaching and education, I was able to lower my risk naturally, decrease inflammation and address my personal nutrient needs. I am truly grateful for Nicole's expertise, support & guidance with these advances in modern and preventative medicine! -Marie Rock



Most of you have heard of the term inflammation, right? Well, if you haven’t let me break it down for you just a little.Acute inflammation happens after we cut ourselves or injure ourselves in some way. Chronic inflammation on the other hand is what most of us are walking around and dealing with on a daily basis. This chronic inflammation can lead to all sorts of problems. Just to name a few- joint pain, swelling, fatigue, blood sugar imbalances and much much more.

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Intermittent fasting seems to be the new buzzword lately. Intermittent fasting is not a diet but rather in eating pattern. It’s making a conscious decision to stop eating at certain time and start eating at a certain time. It basically goes against what nutrition information has been telling us for the past few decades! That it is important to start off the day with a healthy breakfast or that you have to eat six small meals throughout the day..

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Have you heard of high intensity interval training? Basically what it means is any activity where you alternate between bursts of intensity with less intense activity or rest. You may be thinking to yourself – why would I even do that? Well, below I have outlined the top five benefits of high intensity interval training. You may find that after learning about these benefits you’ll want to give it a whirl. 1. You will increase your metabolism. Doing high intensity interval training stimulates...

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Here you will find tons of information on healthy living - everything from nutrition & fitness to living a vibrant stress-free lifestyle in fun, easy to understand terms. I will also translate scientific information on nutrition & health into simple easy to follow tips and separate fact from fiction when it comes to the latest in health trends.

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